Thursday, February 20, 2014

long time gone, redux

I have two scarves and three hats on the floor next to my unmade bed. I have a thousand other scarves and hats on hangers and in lovely shopping bags in my closet room. I have a closet room. I have so many skeletons in my closet its no wonder I don't hang up my clothes.

I watch movies every day, Nina. Thank you. I pick up the phone when I'm feeling under it except for this one time when I was certain I had contracted an exacerbated form of dementia due to chemotherapy and then I didn't dare tell a soul. Not about that. God. I can't be trusted to cook eggs. Let's see. I only have one more chemo to go. Thank you Jesus. I'll just thank Jesus because I couldn't possibly name all the people who have sustained me through this calamity. I'm not sure its a calamity at all but I so rarely get a chance to use the word. I think synchronicity is more the truth in play.

"Judyfest Northwest" was stunningly beneficial. I think 6K at final count. Something like that. I'm still paying bills with it. And it was FUN which turned out to be at least as important as the money. The music was so good. An all girl Merle Haggard cover band called Gerle Haggard, and a jazz standards singer named Lura Griffiths of Women with Standards.

I brush my dog, I thaw food others have prepared to feed my husband so he can go to work to keep me in insurance. Alone I am a sinking ship. Maybe we all are.