Saturday, May 13, 2006

yard sale

We sold the farm. The cheesy yard art john deere green windmill, everything. I sold shit all day, and I am sunburned and my load is lighter. When we went to drop of the remnants at Goodwill, I stole two pair of shoes out of one of the bins. What's wrong with me? L. they will fit you and I'm sending them down. We sold the old girlfriend's set of black dishes and the red hassock. The signature item. I'm ready for a new bigger one. I'm lazier than ever and need more area on which to prop my feet. I sold the printer cabinet.

Its a story.

I bought my house in Talent, and a. came over to visit me. Have I told this story before? Anyway, she comes over, takes one look at my printer's cabinet, and announces, "That's mine." I disagreed, but she was right. It had been hers. a. had apparently started an indie newspaper long before indie was a word. Cutting edge.

So, I sold it. It is still here, but I have the money. An odd man with an antique business called "the Needle" bought it. He seems to be a conspiracy theorist, but who knows. It could be a conspiracy.

So, lots of shit is gone. It is remarkable how much crap accumulates over two years. I knew, when we had the first post-wedlock yard sale that more would come, but this much. The sidewalk was lined end to end. Books and blankets and clothes. Even the outfit the nearly homeless lady next door gave me. She thinks I'm a snappy dresser, so one day she brought over a white denim pants suit with gold buttons and open weave braided denim down the arms and legs. Elvis in Las Vegas. Nobody bought it. It would have been a great Halloween costume.


L. said...

more shoes! jsut in time; I just unloaded several pair and am feeling the gap. today i put a bunch of our stuff out on the curb with a free sign, half went, half didn't. I just don't have your flare for business!

a. said...

Fuck! You sold my type cabinet! Now what am I going to do? Not that I wanted the damn thing but FUCK! It's supposed to be at YOUR house. Shit. They better treat it right. Who bought it? I want names.

a. said...

Okay ... so I've read on with your post, now that I've had my primal HOWL. So The Needle bought it, eh? Well, sounds like it could be worse. You'd better tell that sonofabitch that I've got a mojo on that cabinet cause it's always mine, or I'm it's or some fucking thing like that ... wherever it goes/I go, and if he doesn't treat it right, with respect, you know what I mean, well...let's just say...he'd better treat it right, use it right or neglect it righteously. So is this asshole a writer or what? The fucking Needle!

a. said...

Oh yeah. Happy Mother's Day.