Sunday, June 25, 2006

summer cold

I'm sick. I remember one night in a bar, in the Jubilee Club to be precise, when Cooky and I sat around thinking of epitaphs. It seemed like an appropriate activity given our suicidal lifestyle. Hers was going to read, "I told you I was sick." My favorite epitaph was written by a cowboy in the very old west. It read, "Here lies the man that stole my horse."

I don't think I'm facing imminent death, but I am sick of being sick. Last week I was puking, this week it is a summer cold. It sounds so innocuous-- "summer cold"--all mint-julepy and sweet. A minor inconvenience at most-- maybe a moment or two napping in the porch swing will clear it up. Not this. I can't swallow, can't speak, can't think. It is invading my ears. My head is full of mud and it is hovering at the base of my throat, threatening to invade my lungs. And that scares me. My lungs are so weak from years of bronchitis. I am so susceptible. I am beginning to cough.

On to nicer subjects.

This is my husband spreading sand where he is about to lay pavers for a pool pad in the back yard. Every year we put up the pool and kill the grass. We decided to make it more pool friendly. Its either this or A/C.

The stones we chose are called Roman Dominion. Sounds serious. They look like an old roman road and are just about as easy to build.

mountain of dirt, or, if you wish, free sod. U Haul.

So, it is 100 degrees in Portland and the newscasters are on it. Extreme weather alerts. I love Portland.


L. said...

a husband and a pool is nothing to sneeze at! hope you get well soon.

asia said...

Drat. Get well soon. I am miserable in the 100 degree weather, but I heard it was 108 in Medford. Ick.

I think I might have a bike for your husband if he wants to fix it up and sell it. The frame is good. Are you guys still doing that?