Saturday, July 22, 2006

clinton street fair

One thing that has happened since I have been lax at blogging is that I get all these long e-letters from my friends, complaining that I am not blogging. Thanks for the letters. It is incentive not to blog, but I do want to catch up.

Today is the Clinton and Division Streets Fair. We went. Actually we walked down the street to get a cup of coffee and it was nearly time for the parade, so we waited, called Haley to bring down the camera, and this is what we saw:

the crowd

motorbikes in a circle

the alzheimer's ride

We didn't get a picture of the drum band that was first in the parade, or the flame flag twirlers. The pictures are all taken looking down Clinton Street. You can see the Clinton Street Theatre where we saw Rocky Horror, where they show it every Saturday night and have forever. Our house is three blocks up the street.

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L. said...

This is funny, since as I was checking in to see if you had any new blog entries, I was promising myself I would not bitch you out if you didn't. What a considerate friend I almost am. These blogs are might brief, though, I think I for one am ready for the one about the cotton candy.