Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas present

Christmas in the present.

The gifts: A copper teapot, a pocket knife, a treadmill and a sock monkey to add to the clan. He's beautiful. Haley found him at an antique shop. He is handmade of real socks, not the acrylic type you see mass produced these days, and has a crooked handstitched smile.

Being present at Christmas.

All of these things.

Together we cleaned the house. I got everyone phoney fur throws so Nicole and I can stop battling over the zebra stripe. Sid even got one. He doesn't know what to think. It is on his bed, and it is soft, so he likes it, but it doesn't smell like him so he is suspicious of it. We are awaiting the arrival of the mother in law.

She is come and gone. Brunch of eggs and veggies, coffee cake for the normal people, watching Stardust and talking to all of the families on the phone. So many others, now. So many. My family grows and grows and at times like this, I feel like they know me.


Anonymous said...

ugh. i ate like a normal person and now, am anything but normal. i saw these Christmas cards of a guy fully grown and fully dressed, making snow angels, and you open it and it says he just found out his MIL is not making her annual Christmas visit. funny.

msb said...

No MIL's for this girl, Maybe not even a BF if things don't start changing. And about the only change I'm willing to make is down the road.

Sorry, for a moment I thought I was at my blog.

Merry Christmas Judy.

Anonymous said...

well when I read it I thought somebody wrote mine. Happy New Year.