Wednesday, January 16, 2008

attention span

I am here. I would leave it at that, but there is more. I am distracted and busy and want to quit my job and have not done it. I want to work in a coffee shop where things make sense. And from the outside in, so much does make sense. Up close, the Peyton Place of life is distressing.

I am off to the Alzheimer's Association this morning to learn about something. I can't think what. There is everything and nothing to learn. The nature of dying does not change. They die. We die.

Humor is a prelude to faith
Laughter is the beginning of prayer

(Reinhold Neibuhr)

I need a pair of rose colored glasses.


Anonymous said...

you can borrow mine. i just got them back from the faith and laughter repair shop. and i once again like (tolerate well?) my job. or is it the people. it is probably moi.

someone said...

so glad to hear it! I am better today. comes and goes.