Saturday, April 19, 2008

come saturday morning snow

Once again, the Northwest Stormtrackers missed. The sun is streaming in my window and I know it isn't 70 degrees, but it is a blindingly beautiful morning on Clinton street. Maybe in Hood River they lost some apples, but I don't know. It was unseasonably cold, as promised, but no precip.

Loretta is at the coast by herself. I remember the first time I went anywhere alone after raising kids and being coupled. It was a constant challenge to grant myself permission to move about the planet freely. I got good at it after awhile.

Today was "date night/day". No children, no grandchildren, no mothers in law, we went out to breakfast, went to see 88 Minutes (Al Pacino movie) then out for a steak dinner at Saylers. We wanted to try Ringside downtown, but they wanted about 40 bucks for a steak. Seemed like too much money even for date night. So, I ate about half my stuff and came on home to a sugar free ice cream bar. I remember Asia's Thai friend who almost ate that 72 oz. steak a couple years back (eat the whole thing and its free -- don't and its 50 bucks.) Well, I saw the steak. Its still there. People still try, but only on weeknights. I think K would have gone for it otherwise. Anything for free food.

Hey, turns out me and the Pope have something in common. Looks like we both wear red shoes. His are Italian leather and mine are Keens, but still, its something.

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Anonymous said...

well i seem to need major practice. but it was nice to have the chance to see the ocean, I walked on it in snow, i gathered shells and rocks, i took a hot bath, watched good movies, had marionberry pie and whipped cream and good coffee at the Crazy Norwegian's in Port Orford, bought their paper, realized it was too small and CR for me to live there. went and walked the pier in Bandon, hit a great candlelight gig sat. nite. drove home in snow, sleet, hail, and practically fell down and kissed the Rogue Valley earth and the floor of my humble abode. I am a homebody. visited both grandkids, am almost glad to be at work. i clearly need my own blog again.