Friday, July 04, 2008


Bozo the Clown is dead.

I am not alone, I am certain, in admitting he made me a little nervous. Its not that I'm glad he's dead, or that I wished him any ill for being the embodiment of the scary clown, just thought that since I made a big deal about Captain Kangaroo, I should give Bozo his due.

Bozo was the seed of many a cruel remark: what a fucking bozo, etc. And the esoteric firesign theatre album, We're All Bozos On This Bus. Under the right pharmacological conditions, and during the early seventies, I enjoyed that album for a minute.

Anyway, that's that. What a clown.


L. said...

Bozo was weird. sorry didn't get in touch, big fat weekend, full and now past. hope yours was good.

L. said...

hope this gap means you are writing in earnest.

L. said...

how's that book coming? I got a card/letter, all's I gotta do is check your zip and mail it off. busy here, catching up at work, home needs it too.