Sunday, August 17, 2008


In the midst of 103 degrees I can feel it: the coming of fall. This final burst of heat, a valiant attempt to forestall autumn's arrival, is futile. Fall will come.

Each year I await the arrival of fall with open arms, black turtlenecks at the ready, levi's and boots waiting for their time. I complain about winter, and I complain about summer -- but fall and spring... mmm. I love those seasons. I'm not sure what it is that gives it away. The first chill morning? It doesn't even need to be cold. It is just different, as if the angle of the sun has passed its prime, waning toward winter and the long cold nap. I long for short days and cold mornings, the coming of big holidays in the warm grasp of my family

oh, wait.

I forgot who I'm related to.

Anyway, while I may indeed dread the holidays, I do love autumn. Believe it.

This weekend I only have one day off. I don't like that very much, but am taking a couple of days off next week to make a long weekend before the long weekend. I want to camp for a couple more nights, or at least go on a picnic. I have spent the not-quite-so-hot day in and out of my new closet, trying to get things arranged to my liking. It is a little less like Christmas than I had imagined, but probably because I only have on day off and don't like to rush through this. I guess there is no need to hurry. It is a small space, but it is mine, and comfortable and finally, I can unpack after nearly five years. Enough.


msb said...

Fall in Oregon. MMMM Now that I miss. glad to see you posting again.

L. said...

Nice post. I needed the reminder of how some people feel about fall, it always hits me like a challenge to accept, and I felt it too. the turn of the sun. yes. days off sound fun. mine are all taken for surgery and next, dental. but there is always next year. keep writing.

asia said...

I want to squeeze in a little more summer before fall. I love fall but I feel like summer has so much ephemeral potential.

Are you free for coffee anytime soon?

someone said...

asia: yes. I'll call you on the real phone.

L. said...

I absolutely love when you post, so hope it's again soon.