Tuesday, September 30, 2008

knee deep

All of this political shit is mother's milk to me. I love it. I can't turn it off, let alone tune it out. I may be whistling past the graveyard, but I am enjoying the shit out of seeing wall street twitch. I have no idea how it will eventually effect me. I don't really get the whole market thing. It seems like play money to me. People loan each other money that doesn't really exist and it goes back and forth and round and round, and now, those who played too close to the edge have fallen off. Well, that happens. I have a little bit of actual money, and a little bit of money in stocks, but not much. I'm not even thinking about that -- in fact I don't intend to look at it for several years, and if its there when I get older, fine. I'm not counting on it though.

And then I think, hey. The only people who are going to be really hurting are the ones who didn't have real money, who only had play money anyway, and who are going to now have to do without what they couldn't afford anyway. I'm not sure that is so bad. What would it look like if we didn't need a new car each year, new furniture when the old is out of season, clothes and clothes and clothes. What if we lived within our means? Revolutionary.

I think my point of view is fairly common. If the government wants my money to help out the banks and financial markets, I'm really not very willing to donate. If it wants some of my money to directly help actual people, that would be okay with me. Just not the suits. If I messed up my job so bad they had to close the doors, they would send me home with a final paycheck as small as legally possible. No bonus, no deals. Go home. If the system is actually broken, let's see for once what really happens. Or twice. There was that other depression. The great one. I wonder what was so great about it.

I really don't know shit.

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L. said...

Janis was right, or should I say, Kris Christopherson was right; freedom IS just another word for nothing left to lose. i have no money and none in stocks, and i could care less. i suspect this, too, is a common stance and just as ignorant as any.