Monday, October 13, 2008

sick and sicker

I am sick. I am home. When I am not sick, it seems like staying home sick would be so much fun, but sick just takes the fun out of it. I've felt crappy for a couple of weeks while co-workers around me got really sick and stayed home. I was jealous, I'll admit it. I wanted to stay home sick and miss work. But this is no fun. It isn't like playing hooky. I might as well work. People tell me I'm in a stressful job. What is actually stressful about it is that I'd rather be at home doing anything else or nothing at all.

"Do what you love and the money will follow" is the high flying banner of the happily employed, the bliss-followers, the yoga teachers and bookstore and coffee shop workers. I don't know how to make a living writing, reading, watching Survivor and decorating my house. I don't get it. Its not so much that I hate my job, I'd just rather be home.

As a political junkie, I'm happy to sit and watch the stomach turning babble go around and around, knowing beyond doubt it could all turn on a dime and my guy could lose. It is impossible to predict the fickle public, willing to embrace Palin one minute and string her up the next. (Make no mistake, I'd string her up.) I appreciated the Guardian article. As my friend Kelly said, "Leave it to the UK to tell it like it is." But honestly, as exciting as it all is, I'll be relieved when its over and Obama is in office. But.... a country that elected Bush, not once but twice, cannot be trusted. The campaign cannot rest. There are no laurels.

So, I'm on the couch for awhile. Teapot on, Wild Sweet Orange for me. Join me?


asia said...

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! I keep cringing for some potential political upset that will ruin everything. It is hard to interpret with your fingers crossed.

someone said...

keep 'em crossed!

nina said...

I think work was invented so that we could appreciate life (nonwork).

The best part of being sick is the last stage, when you're almost fine. (That assumes that you're gettig fine; take it easy!)

(And be happy that Obama is so many points ahead.)

asha said...

Teapot on, Wild Sweet Orange for me. Join me?

I'd love to! I'll take a rain check. Get well soon. Don't let the bastards get you down. It's just.... the world in the balance.