Sunday, November 09, 2008

dog days

It probably isn't a great idea to take the dog for a walk in the dark. It probably is predictable that he would cross in front of me with his twelve food leather leash, hobble my feet like a salem witch and drop me like a stone. Yep. I shoulda seen it comin'. And yet I didn't. Now, he is laying at my feet like a good dog, my palms wrapped in gauze and tape, shoulders unuseable from the impact. I fell like a child on the playground, splayed like a five year old off the swing set. I just layed there and cried. Didn't even try to get up. My husband, who always thinks he should have been able to prevent these things, said, "When you fall, you fall like a tree." I told him it was because my feet were tied together. "Oh." he said, and helped me up. I was most worried about my new Eddie Bauer turtleneck. A good fitting turtleneck is hard to find.

Shit. So now I am laid up, tore up, sore and pissed. I am so clumsy. I always have been, but the older I get, the more severe the consequences.

So, anyway, back at the election: that was pretty fun. I'll be sure to get involved next time, although some of the zealots at Obama World on Division were a bit much. I'm a political junkie, but not a zealot. I'm happy with the outcome, and hope the whole race hysteria thing subsides in light of all of the other shit there is to do. I appreciate the role of comedians in bringing the election home. It was funny. Palin. Wow. That was one scary fifteen minutes of fame.


asia said...

Ouch, I am sorry you fell. That dog, he is one powerful animal.

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't fall on your face. now that would be tragedy. and it sounds like the eddie bauer turtleneck -- as well as the dog...survived. fell like a tree? funnyboy. I hate falling, it always occurs to me as I am in mid-fall that I am too old too fall, shouldn't fall, and always get injued in the process!! glad you are ok enough to blog about it. i didn't watch a single thing of political deal until the acceptance speech. and i have to admit, had i watched him earlier, I would have voted.

someone said...

l. glad you are finally convinced. He seems pretty real to me. And I thought the same as I was falling. I can't fall. Not me. Not this late in the game.

asia. I know. and he just wanted to keep going.