Thursday, January 01, 2009

nine years of bad luck

Here we are, year nine in the new century. My husband started it off by breaking a mirror in the bathtub, his first act of the early morning of the first day of the new year. He felt it bode somewhat dismally for his future. I'm glad I don't believe in bad luck. Which is not to say I don't have any.

Caveat: I am still muddy-headed and cruising into week 6 of this funky headcold sinus infection flu cough common cold bronchitis walking pneumonia.

My great-neice is coming to stay for two weeks while she gets started in college. We will tuck her away in a corner and feed her vegetarian food. She's small and won't take up much space. And, as all children's plans seem to go, the apartment she was to rent is a myth and it is probably a better idea, according to her, to start school in March instead of January. It is cold, afterall. But, as I've come to learn, two weeks means two weeks, and I can return her, postage paid to her mother in Idaho, without question.

Living with two adolescent females is interesting. I do remember being eighteen. I was as full of hubris as either of them, certain I knew things -- important things -- things my elders could never conceive--things they had somehow passed by on life's journey, didn't have the awareness to pick up and could not go back for, like unredeemable coupons, outdated and worthless snips of paper. When I said happy new year to Nicole, she answered, "My new year began in September, on my birthday. This means nothing." Oh, how I wanted to remind her that, even as tragically unique she is, the laws of physics do apply to her.

Naw. They won't hear it. Not yet. And its not my job.

I wish I had learned, years earlier, that I am only one of many. And still it eludes me. It is true: I hate to be common... garden variety... but it is only when I can sincerely if momentarily grasp this fact that I have some hope of connection with the rest of the herd.

Plus, if you think your thoughts are worth recording, you're doubly-fucked.

Oh, well.

Yesterday was my son's birthday. I miss him. He is still the best thing I ever did. Happy Birthday, Marky.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Marky.
Happy New Year, Judy.

asia said...

a person with a sense of uniqueness is as annoying as a person with sense of entitlement. the youth have it the worst.

still, i was just thinking about blogs and how some blogs are unaccountably popular and, soooo boring. but other blogs are simple enough, mundane even and and i can't get enough. uniqueness is in the eye of the beholder?

anyway, you are living with two adolescent females? is nicole back living with you?

hope you are feeling better!

asha said...

Hey, judybluesky...angel of death and friend o' mine. Happy New Year.

someone said...

L: thanks! same to you and yours

asia: yes. blogs do have personalities, and the ones that are trendy and full of themselves are as annoying as young girls. I guess it takes all kinds.

asha: hny to you and M. lee. angel of death... thas' me.