Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There is a new sign, or a sign heretofore unnoticed by me, on Powell Blvd. at about 33rd. It says:

Maltese or Whatever

I had to drive around the block and make sure I'd read it right. I'm crazy for bad signs, and this, in my studied opinion, is among the top ten. Its a legitimate sign, backlit, acrylic, set high on a pole between other real signs in a small shopping complex. I wonder what kind of food they serve. Or if they serve food to dogs. I'll have to do some sleuthing to figure out this mystery. I don't think I want to eat there, but I'll try to get a look at the menu. Stay tuned.

Lost another one today. Lulu went to heaven. She was great -- from my neighborhood. Her "family home" was on Division, and is now one of the many trendy thai restaurants in the area. She told me that a streetcar used to run up and down Clinton Street back in the day, and she knew everyone in the neighborhood. She was a great lady, dignified, wealthy. This past year I had to print paper money for her because she thought she should have alot of it laying around. Thank god for the internet. You can download damn good money. Now I have a drawer full of it at work and nobody is interested. But Ernie is moving in next week. Maybe he needs some. Its one-sided, but Lulu never seemed to mind. They found Ernie sleeping in the laundry room and wandering in the parking lot, so sounds like his time has come. Heaven knows we have a vacancy.


asia said...

The 'Husky or Maltese Whatever' Restaurant!! I was going to blog about the Husky or Maltese Whatever restaurant because it is a source of great mystery! But I never did.

I used to drive past there with Sascha and we were like, WTF? IT'S NEVER OPEN. You will never drive by and find it open for business and then after a year of stalking-like behavior, it will one day be open for business, for just one day. ???

I know why. Someone solved the mystery for me. Do you want me to tell you?

Anonymous said...

well I for one want to know what's husky about a restaurant?

asha said...

I'm crazy for bad signs too. Here's a little number for you. I saw this delightful combo on a shuttered restaurant along the Rogue River.