Sunday, June 14, 2009


Daytrippers, that's us. We (he) drove up yesterday morning and had a ridiculously expensive and so-so lunch at the Crabpot, but it is what I wanted to do, so I did it. They bring a huge pot of boiled seafood, red potato and corn and dump it on butcher paper and give you a crab fork and a mallot and off you go. Barbaric.

My husband said next time, we'll walk over to Clay's and have them dump my salmon platter right on the table. That way, we'll save money and gas and the food will be better. But they did give us a huge piece of mud pie for my birthday.

Then, we walked straight up the five flights of stairs without stopping to Pike's Place and after I was hospitalized for cardiac pain (no, not really, but I did begin to get a sense of the "elephant sitting on your chest" that you hear so much about) we strolled on down to the market and looked around.
The guy driving the rainbow school bus was allegedly out to save souls, ranting about how you marry some person you don't even know and you go to church on Sunday and you still don't know anything about that person and how he just wanted "someone who's 100%." So, truthfully, I'm not sure he wasn't just going to extreme lengths to find a date.
The peppers were gorgeous, and paper cones full of sweetpeas and flowers and flowers and thousands of people crushing through narrow markets of perfect produce. We would have taken the ferry to Vashon Island like we did on vacation, but Sid was home alone.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle. See?


asha said...

Happy Birthday, is it? Happy Birthday! Cool. Seattle is a perfect place to spend it. Nothing like those sunny days. Many happy returns.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, happy year. hope it's full of health and sun and flowers. the seafood blast sounds divine. just heap it up and dig in. we love it barbaric.

Anonymous said...

guess you are too busy and so am I. maybe we can do a belated birthday celebration when you come down; sugar with our coffees...or not. you could bring your bike and we could go riding. is that old hat to you now? I feel that magic is on that bike of mine. real magic. magic I miss in the car. the gift that keeps on giving. hope your day was full and happy.

msb said...

Had to drop in and read about your camping trip. Seattle how cool. I was hoping to do that for my b-day too. Sid - home alone - didn't they do a movie like that. :+)