Monday, October 19, 2009

beauty and the beastie

Thea meets Duffy.
Duffy, one ear up, one trying.

Duffy, once again
Thea swinging under Duffy-power

Wow. Motherhood is demanding. Sorry. I think I can take my eyes off the little darling long enough to post something. I'm referring, of course, to Duffy. Thea only came over for a little while. Duffy is staying forever.
He is the devil. Sid is full of holes, my carpet in dire need of shampooing. I am learning the inestimable value of the dreaded crate. God bless the crate. It has saved Duffy's life and my sanity.


asia said...

Those are great photos! It was a pleasure to meet Duffy.

Anonymous said...

what a nice couple of babies!

asha said...

As you say, Duffy only looks innocent. We are all under his little paw. Those are wonderful photos. That last one especially knocks me out. Thanks!

Kisses to the pooches, in fact sneak Sid a couple extra for me. The new baby always hogs the love.