Sunday, December 06, 2009


Well, the Charlie Brown tree is out of the box and on the table -- the best I can do with Sid and Duffy tearing through the house playing tug of war. Sid doesn't wholey understand the game. He has spent five years sitting in front of us, waiting for us to throw the ball, toss the frisbee, hold one end of the rope. Now, with Duffy a more than willing participant, he is confused and territorial -- his goal to have the thing, then, once had, whip it into shreds and destroy it. Suffice it to say I've spent my wages on pull toys. More and more he allows a little play before consuming the thing. And Duffy has mastered the art of being a lower and slower dog: hiding under furniture. Drives Sid crazy.

At any rate, Christmas time is here. It doesn't feel like it yet, distracted as we have been by Nicole's accident, dogs and jobs and funerals. I should make a post about Nicole's trauma. On the 20th of November, she was hit in a crosswalk as a pedestrian by an 88 year old man. She's okay, but took quite a hit and will have a scar down the side of her face to remember the day. She was right and he was wrong, and insured, so she should benefit if carrying a facial scar on a beautiful face can be compensated.

So, happy thanksgiving, merry christmas and happy new year. There. Cards are on the way.


asha said...

Haven't been out and about much lately. Sorry to hear about Nicole's accident. I hope she's okay and gets a bundle, enough to make some kind of difference. Happy everything to you too, including a cool Solstice.

Anonymous said...

As usual, your cards are the ones I always love and save. They seem to outdo themselves year by year. Hope it's a quick healing for Nicole. And that Duffy gets to come out from under the furniture.