Monday, February 22, 2010


I blog along in relative obscurity, happily assuming my exaggerations and blathering go unnoticed but for the loyal few.

Not necessarily so. Enter Blogger alerts.

In the previous post I reviewed a Valentine's Eve performance by a female singer and noted that she looked like a librarian. Imagine my surprise when her comment posted. Apparently this was not the first time she was referred to as more studious than hip.

Not that studious isn't hip. That's not the point.

What is the point? Well, if you've been following this mess, you'll know I rarely have one. So, I found her website and emailed an apology and she forgave my faux pas. I had said that she was worth the price of admission, and that was definitely true. She was great. I was embarrassed, but happy to add another reader to the short list.


Kristiana said...

oh wow, who ever thought the internet could feel like such a small place. remember when we talked about how sometimes you feel like you can't write your stories until everyone is dead. now you'll just have to wait until there is no one left to read.

Anonymous said...
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asha said...

I know what you mean. I slagged a local performer on my blog once and the next time I ran into him (at an open mic) I was worse than dead to him. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

that's kind of cool. I finally decided so what, let them read it. i mean muffled behind poetry. or would that be more like megaphoned through poetry? I am online in my living room!!!

Anonymous said...

but -- and I've been thinking about this for an entire day -- how did she stumble across your bloggish review of her?

Anonymous said...


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Roy said...

I would go listen to a blues playing librarian. I always thought, if I could play the blues, I would wear a suit, anyway.
Besides, I listened to a girl who looked like a steno clerk play the blues, and her guitar was so out of tune it was making me nauseous.

Anonymous said...

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