Wednesday, May 05, 2010


What's it all mean? Is this Mexican independence day or what? We went out to dinner at a crappy Mexican restaurant on Division. I wish restaurants would only serve what they are good at. For instance, this place probably does great vegan food -- it has a full vegan menu -- but the carne asada, my favorite, was awful. Tough as shoe leather, flavorless, no charring, no salt, and no salt in the house. I like salt alot. Ask my blood pressure. And the salsa was watered down so much the plate was a swamp. But the plates were square, and you got to bus your own tables, so that was fun.

It is my brother Marc's birthday, that much I do know. He would have been... let's see... 63 or something. He didn't live long enough. His liver didn't, anyway. Happy Birthday Marc. Wish you were here.


PamBo said...

I've never been to a Mexican Restaurant on Cinco de Mayo, so a couple of girlfriends and I went for lunch.
One friend ordered the white cheese dip. They brought that and and a bowl of bean/cheese dip. We asked why and the waitress told us that it was free.
She should've told us that either before we ordered anything or when Tami ordered her cheese dip. No biggie, she took it home.
But!! When I placed my order, I asked, "Is anything else free?" I didn't want to make the same mistake, you see.
The waitress laughed and told me no.
We ate, laughed and had a good time.
When we went up to pay, we saw on the chalkboard where they write the specials (way down in the corner) that there were free appettizers AND desserts!
It would help if they'd learn to speak and understand English!
It's a good thing "they" have such good food (except for yours), or we'd for sure be kicking them out! hahaha--no I'm not racist...I was just making a joke.

L. said...