Sunday, July 11, 2010

more and more

Now I prepare to camp. I am always pretty much ready, but lacking a memory, I must forage through pre-packed boxes and make sure I don't get far from home without a coffee pot. And coffee. Let's not forget the coffee. And matches, all safe in baggies, and dish soap. I own everything one can own for camping with the exception of a camper, which, the older I get, the more appealing they are. Was a time I thought it was a sin to use anything but a tent -- akin to the lead pencil society and those good women who still use cloth diapers and serve nothing but turkey on Thanksgiving, but I digress.

We will rent a trailer -- an open one this time -- and head up the Clackamas for a couple of days. It ain't Yosemite, but it is nice and green and cool, and I will finish typing my book if it kills me.

It won't kill me, right?


asha said...

No, typing it won't kill you but, if you don't do it, it may be your last dying, tortured thought that makes you want to die.

Kristiana said...

actually, it might kill you but there are worse ways to die.

someone said...

Well, aren't you two the positive thinkers.

Anonymous said...

so didja type it?