Monday, February 21, 2011

encaustic images

Encaustic painting (painting with melted, pigmented beeswax) gets to that place in me that always wrecked the candles, dripping layer after layer, color after color, until the candle was no longer a candle, wax spent, morning arriving too early, again.

So this is what my busy little hands have been doing. Please buy one. The wax is expensive.

They are titled, top to bottom: Solitary Crow, A bird in the hand, Four Little Blackbirds, Old Paper, Red Ball, Crow on Barbed Wire.


asha said...

Wow.... nice. I mean really nice. Wonderful. Don't make me pick a favorite but Bird in the Hand knocks me out!

someone said...

Thank you. Bird in the Hand is a photo in among my family photos. Don't know who she is, but love her too.

Kristiana said...

wow, those are fabulous! are you really selling them?

someone said...

absolutely! and, if you want something specific -- am image that means something to you -- I'd love to make one for you.