Thursday, January 01, 2015


Its not that I have a lot to say. This blog has never been about that. It is mostly a document of the mundane in carefully chosen words. I do love to stack words like beads on a string and sometimes I forget to make a knot and they slide on one end and off, the other, jumbled and meaningless. But now, with my next new job leaving me some space in which to consider my days, the things I see and how I see them, I feel more time to write. I don't necessarily have more time, I just feel it like an old chair that has been waiting for me all along.

This is my new year's resolution, to find time. I think you can only find time if you slow down. It hides in busyness and routine. If you are patient, it will bring you ripe oranges and chamomile tea and light a candle to read by. When you hang out with time you can do anything you want to, but be careful not to look away or time will slip by unnoticed and you will think you never had any at all. I don't think you can save time. Just try to spend it wisely. Its really all we have.


nina said...

So true. To time. And your writing! And health! And love! Okay, so there's more to life than time, but still, to time.

someone said...