Saturday, June 27, 2015

not moving day

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. Lalalalala.

It is not 1000 degrees today, the day on which we planned our big move -- scheduled the truck, turned off the wifi electric water garbage, you know. But it is a mild normal morning, the marine layer slowly lifting -- perfect for a move,  But no. We are to wait another week. The Portland weather geniuses are now predicting 1002 degrees next weekend. Moving on July 4th. My one hope is that, as usual, the weather drama queens are exaggerating and it will be a normal warm July day. Whine.

Packing continues. Box after box. Kurt pulled the stepping stones from the yard -- they were not included in the sale, a gift from my sweet cousin Vali. They will find a new home in Yamhill, in the deep green beautiful yard on Balm Street. Doesn't that sound nice? Balm Street?

I am so ready to be there. I will also miss my raspberries. I've been eating half a cup a day. So yummy! I will probably not miss the naked bike ride. Tonight was the big night. We saw three naked women is all. They seemed happy to be on display. I don't care.

It has been a big week in the socio-political arena. Historic Supreme Court decisions that may have positive long term effect. I am interested in the upcoming election, pissed that John Stewart is retiring, and anxiously await the parade of idiots fronting for the Right. From Marco Rubio to Donald Trump, they frighten me. I have lived long enough to know that anything can happen. If GW was elected twice, any. thing. can. happen. My concern is that if the Democrats -- if we -- stay focused on who's zooming who, and take our eye off the ball, they will slip in unnoticed and take the world apart.

It could happen, and I'm not so sure Hillary could outrun it.

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Jennifer Fulford said...

I'm also concerned about the election. Anyone besides Hillary that makes you take notice? Bernie Sanders, he's getting a lot of traction on the East Coast.