Sunday, October 25, 2015

pumpkin day brunch and politics

It is time again for politics, the choices slim, the candidates sadly alike, which means life will go on as usual for me. I suffer white liberal shame. It doesn't really matter what happens in the current election process: white life is good. I will vote, and I will vote against what I think is the greater of two monsters, but I understand that eventually, likely not in my lifetime, the smoke and mirrors of the USA will shatter and vanish and all of the abundance, ease and irresponsibility will degrade into a third-world existence. I saw Mad Max. All of them. From the safety of my vortex of a sofa.

I remember some freshman test-grading work that I did for my sociology professor and advisor, and reading this answer to this question:

"Please describe the differences between first and third world countries."

The answer was this, "Well, the first world is first, and not second. The third world is after that. It is neither first or second. It is third."

The penmanship was atrocious. But really, an oversimplification to be sure, but was she wrong?

My husband will carve his pumpkin today. It will be fabulous and mine will be ordinary. I've come to accept this. I'm going to do the Pope.

This morning I made a facebook special brunch that looked so simple online. All you do is: line muffin tins with hashbrowns, pre-bake, top with crumbled bacon, spinach, egg and cheese. Bake. Eat. What they don't show is this: re-hydrating the hashbrowns (45 min.) grating a bunch of cheese (15 min.), pick all of the baby spinach out of the salad mix (can't believe they left that out) and realize there is no bacon. None. (And on Sunday, in Yamhill, I wouldn't buy the bacon that may or may not be for sale.) Then wash all the damned bowls. By hand. Cheerios is easier.

In Yamhill, the field behind us is greening, rains are beginning and I'm making butternut apple soup for dinner. It has mango chutney in it. I'll post the recipe if isn't awful. 

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