Saturday, January 03, 2004

it'll come to me

been a long day. too many new things. two. two new things is one too many: 1.) the importance of tradition, and 2.) how to make a blog. i am absorbing information at the rate of an alzheimer's patient. mind like a seive. word salad. the continuum has been like this: (asha says i have to tell the truth. like she does. if i knew how to insert a url, i'd do it here. see the links at my right, your right, OUR right, for her site.) the continuum, from pencil and yellow paper to the blog, has gone like this: well, like i said, first, like hunting and gathering, was pencil and yellow paper. following many years later was computer and dot matrix printer, printing every word on hard copy because it was magic, and i didn't think it would be there when i got back. then, saving to disc, believing it would still be there, but printing on laser anyway. stacks of fucking paper. millions of dead trees in my faithless wake. then, a laptop because i couldnt' leave the soul-sucking vortex of my couch. then, a giant step to email and the limitation of a selected audience. now this, a living thing: a blog of my own. blogbirth. i'm a liar, not a writer. restrain your expectations.

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