Sunday, January 18, 2004

langlitz and the bleeding clutch

well, this has be an extaordinarily expensive weekend. i have little faith that anyone follows any of this, but memory being what it is -- mine, anyway -- it serves as evidence that i've been here, have had experiences that deserve mention, and if not permanent, are at least transiently a matter of semi-public record. my clutch went out, fuck you very much brian at the ford service department in medford, oregon. which begs the question: would i rather be right or happy? currently, it's more like: would i rather be right or have money? well, regardless of my rathers.... the clutch is out, i am 300 miles from home, and thank god for men. real men. he may not know how to decorate, but he knows what to do in a mechanical pinch. so i figure, screw it, i'm getting my langlitz anyway. so i went down there and got measured. Jenny, an actual langlitz, granddaugher of ross, (i'm sounding like they are an elfin clan or something. they are not.) to the uninitiated, the langlitz's are a family of leather jacket makers. the very best handmade leather jackets maybe in the world. benecio del toro was in while they were filming that crappy move "the hunted" and jenny said he was very humble and smelled good. what i like is they don't ask you what color you want. it's goatskin or cowhide. i picked goat. i have nothing against them, but they are softer, and a little lighter, and that's what i'm after. so i ordered a custom fit columbia, with fringe. so, i'm stuck here, where i love to be. this keeps happening to me. here. stuck in the middle with him. So, i figure the clutch will be a cool grand, the jacket 875 or so. probably 900 with fringe. oh well. if i do my last years taxes, that'll cover it, and i can get kurt some new gauntlet gloves. he'd like that.

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