Thursday, August 24, 2006

the wait

I am waiting, we are waiting, we have waited. We have two truckloads of shit, enough to stock GI Joes. We finally spent some money on shelving for downstairs and I went through the camping gear, sorted it, and now I know what to put on craigslist and what to leave out on the sidewalk for the rest of the scavengers of SE Portland.

We are waiting for my kid, who is halfway up I-5. I don't usually wait for him. It doesn't usually pay off. He isn't very reliable. I'm not sure where he gets that. His girlfriend knows how to get across the Ross Island Bridge, and I can guide them in from there.

We are headed for camp. I baked a german chocolate cake and brought books to read and fabric to make yoyo quilt squares, my new obsession. It should last a day or so. I lack the attention span to be qualify for OCD, (and am too self-centered to be co-dependent. My ailment is more common.) But I hope to make one anyway. It may take the rest of my life.

I heard from Anne today, a voice from down south. Makes me miss what used to be, but my life is transformed, and it was about time. Like most distant connections, it was bad news that prompted the call, but still good to hear her voice and know that what we share is unchanged by time or distance.

So, its off to Estacada, setting up the tents, wearing a sweatshirt for the first time in months, and shoes; reading my crappy murder mysteries, sewing yoyos and cooking meat over a blazing fire. Camping is a carniverous activity, and I worried that Nic wouldn't have enough, but we have bread and cheese and garden burgers, so she's good. We have babyback ribs, steaks and burgers.

Sid should have fun. He's so neurotic. He won't eat or shit until we get home. He'll be frantic to play frisbee and chase birds and squirrels. He thinks he can catch birds. He thinks airplanes are birds and chaseable. He has that childlike misunderstanding of the possible. Conservation of mass, I think it is called. Lack of perspective. If he can see it, he should be able to reach it. If he can't see it, it isn't there. Convenient, really. Wish I had that.

Alright. I'm outta here. Back Sunday. j

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a. said...

Bye bye. Have fun.