Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When it rains, it pours. Just as I was revelling in having asha in the same town as me on the eve of her granddaughter's birth, Cooky and Tracy rolled into town from Montana. They had been visiting a neice in a twelve story house with six hundred bedrooms and three entire apartments, a former minister's wife. The minister is former. In heaven she thinks, and is still holding the town together with both hands leaving nothing for herself.

It was almost like having all of my friends in one place again, except lorretta, and she will come one day, or so she says. But there is still nothing like girlfriends. Nothing like talking until you fall off to sleep, like a slumber party only without the boys. Well, one boy. Mine.

I still haven't seen asha, but believe she is actualy here and will appear at some point. I have seen that sweet little baby girl, though. Oh it made me want to be a grandma so bad that I called my son. Nothing happening there.

Ah well, in good time.


L. said...

congrats on the new baby! what is her name?? yes of course I will come. I looked up that Beach, it's not that far but looks kind of modern.

asha said...

Hey Judy! At the moment I'm at Powell's soaking up the urban charm. The phone ball is currently in your court so.... call!

someone said...

L. Beverly Beach? I don't know. Never been there yet. Hope its okay. We're at the far end.

a. oops. missed this.

L. said...

all ocean is great.

msb said...

'wow, Cookie and Tracy. I feel so removed. I want to go home. :+)