Saturday, May 23, 2009

yard sale review

I don't like estate sales. This much we know. I don't like perma sales or close-out merchandise pretending to be yard sales. But today was a good day.

I got a book about Collette, a woman who has, like Anais Nin, always fascinated me. European. I also found two odd shaped old-school terra cotta pots; an antique metal, hang over the side of our clawfoot tub, soap holder; and three crappy novels that I will read because I'll read anything almost and these were three for a quarter and you know how I feel about prices at yard sales. Once I start a book I have to finish, eventually. Even Nora Roberts, I'm embarrassed to admit. But these are murder-most-foul, and that keeps me turning the pages.

I don't like the sales that are obviously the girlfriend's stuff. One sale today was a college lit major with buckets of high-minded literature and one book on men by Dave Barry, so we bought that one. My favorite is "Dave Barry Turns 50." I remember reading it out loud to Joanne while we were driving down the freeway home from visiting the nuthouse in Salem and it was raining so hard she needed something to keep her from completely freaking out.

So, I got my way for the couple of hours that my husband didn't fish today. Then, I came home and had a coughing fit so bad I puked and now my legs hurt from the pressure. My lungs will blow up one day, just you wait.


asia said...

Perfect yard sale weather too!

Anonymous said...

the soap dish sounds cool. have you read marissa de los santos' books yet? she recommended one of her favorites on an internet interview, so I went and looked for it, called "THE GIRLS" by a woman, Lansen, something like that, and it was about conjoined twins. I thought of you and how you would probably devour that book.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get it as I am trying to, in secret vein, laugh, laugh laugh, and I didn't think I could laugh much about the twins.

Anonymous said...

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