Saturday, May 14, 2011

cold feet

I'm complaining, formally, about the weather. I'm not complaining about the luscious lilacs in my back yard, or the sprouting baby grass where the dogs used to poop. I'm cold. I'm tired of being cold. I want to be warm now. I'm done. I am, to quote any teenager, over it. My feet are cold. They've been cold for months. I am grateful not to be in Mississippi right now. I'll give you that much.

So, anyway, back to my life on Clinton Steet on a cold and rainy sunday morning. The trucks were out today, two big metro vans of men on overtime hanging our new street art above our streetsigns, on our dime. I think the art is nice, bicycles, to indicate that Clinton is indeed a "bicycle boulevard" as if you couldn't tell from the volume of bicycles. Its part of the Clinton Street Bicycle Boulevard Street Art Project and costs 70,000 dollars. My husband had to set them straight, sign-maker that he is, and offer his opinion. I told them to ignore him. He's grumpy.

Speaking of grumpy, Duffy is guarding my bay window, warning of cats and wire-walking squirrels and crows that threaten our airspace. Kurt calls him Dick Cheney because of his continual grumbling. He still doesn't understand birds. He doesn't yet grasp the impossibility of catching something capable of spontaneous flight. Oh! to be so simple again, to cover my eyes with tiny hands and believe that what was there is gone simply because I can't see it. I hated learning the name for that: Conservation of Mass. I think there should be a better name for that kind of magic.

As summer approaches, sneaking up behind this vicious spring, I am not prepared for the heat that is sure to follow, but will welcome it with open, if sunburned, arms.


asha said...

Some might think you need cheering up, given the chill gray rain and irreverent cats, squirrels and crows (poor Duffy... give him a scratch for me) but I know how resilient you are, you and the incessant roots deep within the forest marl, deciding what goes up and what goes down.

Roy said...

I agree with Duffy on those wire-walking, trespassing tricksters.

Anonymous said...

plant plant plant
just keep being judy.
what she said.

joyce said...

Hi Judy I'm back in the office and was looking to see the encaustic, but I'm not real smart about this computer action. How do I talk to you on the blog? I'm going to keep searching the archives. Are you doing ok? seems like you are working thru some health stuff
my e-mail is

les frades said...

asha; ghd mentioned your name in a 12010 blog...said she is sorry about crahing Les Frades El camino...I'm Les Frades trying to locate 'Shelly' (ghd)? I guess somewhere in Appelgate? maxrays4@gmail