Monday, September 07, 2015


I suspect the sunsets are like this in big dirty cities, a bright orange dot of fire sliding down the smoky sky. I lost my view, completely obstructed by thick gray air. Even when the wind came up, the smoke held its ground. I can only imagine the Rogue Valley right now. I remember clearly whole months of smoke, each night a ring of fire encircling the valley, the sky brown as cocoa. There is a fire in Willemina, a tiny town to our north, I think. And Washington has lots of them, and the John Day fire is burning to the ground. This is late summer in Oregon. The newscasters seem startled and afraid, but those of us who have endured eons of lightening and dry grass are not surprised. Its probably worse due to climate change. Most weather related events are. Medford is now Death Valley and Portland is becoming Medford. Keep going north.

Well, they stitched me back together and it seems to be holding so far. I went back to work a week ago -- too soon, of course. These back to back surgeries seems to have kicked my ass. I am more than tired.

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