Sunday, September 27, 2015

yamhill nights

Last Saturday night we were ready to head out for a motorcycle ride when our neighbor Jim showed up on a Gynormous backhoe. I hear from the bedroom, where I'm putting on real clothes, "Honey, we're not goin' anywhere." I walked out into the living room to see Kurt, Benny and Kevin wrapping chains around the arbor-vitae hedge that was impeding my sunset view and popping them out one by one, easy as pie. I didn't like the looks of it. Juniper, whatever it is. Nasty stuff, all overgrown and buggy. And now its gone. Just like that. Country folks who don't want pay. I offered pie, but everybody is diabetic and serious about it.

This Friday night it was the Yamhill Volunteer Firefighter's fundraiser with hot dogs and hamburgers; Saturday all the way to Carlton -- 3 miles-- for the Carlton Fire Spaghetti feed, only we went to the wrong place and had a banquet with the FFA at the Carlton Foreign Legion Hall. Pork, done right. Somebody's hog, I'm guessing. Piles of food. We live in carnivore heaven. All the same people were there. We're just part of the wallpaper now. Only we are democrats. On this I will not compromise. The notion that you can't be good country folk and be democrats is nonsense.

Donald Trump WTF?

Tonight is the Blood Moon Eclipse. We're going up into the hills to watch moonrise. It should be good. The weather is clear. We'll go up on top of Bald Peak and see what we can see.

Well, my boobs are holding together, knitting slowly. And separately. I don't want to give the impression that they are knitting together-together. ew. I am finally able to sleep at night without dread of another explosion. I believe I am out of the woods at last. What a process. Even my surgeon hadn't seen anything like it. But the radiation burns I suffered were intense. I think if she'd known the severity, she may not have gone ahead with the surgery and I wouldn't have my nice little boobettes and that would be sad.

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day tearing through my closet, my years and years of collections,  fabulous and expensive clothing that will never fit me again. Wide, wonderful things that kept my body secret for years and years. Now, I have room for my skeletons...

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