Friday, March 12, 2004

dog abandonment

I'm not taking Bailey with me. I know, I know... he's sweet. But the thing is, I've never bonded with him - nor he with me -- and I'm not taking him. I got him for Spencer. It was back in the Dharma and Greg heyday when she had a dog for her dog. Truthfully, Spencer was aging -- aged -- and I'd heard a younger dog might help bring the party back into the dog. Not so. He only annoyed the old guy. You should have met Spencer. What a dog. Now there was a dog who knew how to be a dog. He'd go for rides with anybody. Once time, a pickup pulled up out front of my house and Spencer jumped out. He was laughing, you could tell, a big smile from black ear to white ear. He'd been to Ashland with an unsuspecting neighbor. He, the neighbor, told me he got halfway there and noticed Spencer in the back of his truck. Like other members of my immediate and extended families, Spencer was a known criminal, a chronic offender. I always said, as I've said of husbands and sons, "You go back to jail buddy and I'm leaving you there." But I always bailed him out.

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