Sunday, April 08, 2007

happy easter

I started my day sitting next to a friend who is a heathen, as are many of my friends, dissing easter. It is common knowlege that I like Jesus and we have a good natured banter about all that, but it does wear thin. I don't get why non-christians celebrate easter, and to her credit, she does not. I like the fact of the resurrection, of my own resurrection, of our collective resurrection. It is a message of hope, and I need that. Spring.

The backyard is covered with cherry blossoms. The new sod looks as though a snow storm just ended. Maybe we could make a blossom man. Or lay down and make blossom angels, but we aren't supposed to walk on the sod.

I have a headache that I have had for about three weeks. It is actually a situation caused, I believe, by the position required to play the harp. I am not accustomed to holding my arms up and out and plucking and concentrating for an hour. It is definitely a learning curve. It is a pretty bad head/neck/back ache, though, and I hope it passes. I can't think to write.

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