Saturday, April 28, 2007


Coffee is on, my cup is full, my feet are up and the gravity of this vortex is comfortable right now. As the sun comes out, I'll get out my bike and tour the neighborhood gardens. Slow climbs and straight stretches. Asia I am not. Inertia incarnate, that's me. But I do like my bike.

I have scheduled a bus tour for my people. We will tour the rhododendren gardens. We will not get off the bus. Herding cats comes to mind.

My honey is cruising craigslist for garage sales and I think we'll go in search of stuff we don't need.

Back later same day: found some stuff. Two square cement flower pots and a set of plastic camping dishes. And an angelwing begonia. To replace the one we killed. oops.


asha said...

I haven't been getting out and about much lately so I just saw the photos of your house. Wow. Your yard is really looking nice. Woman's touch, as they say. Civilizing. As for writing, I don't think blogging exactly counts. At least I sometimes admit to myself that it is not the same as writing "the book". Lee always tells me to kill the blog but, naturally I never listen to anyone. Anyway, I protest your letters are to "no one". What are we? Chopped tofu?

msb said...

Love the blog. Such a twenty 1st century sensibility of peronal interaction. thanks Bluesky for your beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

"I'm nobody
who are you?
are you nobody too?
then there's a pair of us
(don't tell!)
they'd banish us, you know.
how dreary to be somebody
how public, like a frog
to spend your life the livelong day
in an admiring bog." ... (blog??!)
sign me
nobody of the notable nobodies