Saturday, April 07, 2007

home theatre

We walked two blocks to the Clinton Street Theatre and saw Black Snake Moan. Samuel Jackson and Christina Ricci. She is so odd. But, I liked the movie and love having a theatre so close to home. It isn't a good theatre, and the sound is pretty bassy and hard to understand, and the decor is post apocalyptic, but other than that, the popcorn was pretty good. Three bucks for a movie and 2.50 for popcorn is about right. They don't pretend to be anything they're not.

It was a housework day, and I got out of cooking Easter dinner for mother in law. I said, "I don't want to cook or do dishes." I'd like, for once, to have a holiday myself. I like holidays. I hate housework. Hate it. But, I got through it. I did the dishes, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, changed the sheets, vacuumed, dusted and did like four loads of laundry. No wonder I'm tired. Kurt put sod down in the backyard yesterday and I guess that gets him off the hook for this weekend. But not Nicole.

So, its Easter Saturday, and I miss my son as usual at holiday time. But it is not the adult boy who I miss. Its the Easter basket, egg-finding, blonde-headed little boy who always knew where to look, who was famous in the family for saying, "This is the worst Easter I've ever had," when his soda was flat and warm, and now we all say it when anything goes mildly wrong on a holiday. I remember growing up in a house on Peach Street -- 1314 South Peach -- funny the details you remember.... and we would always find an egg the next year, in the gutter, in the garden tool shed, some nasty remnant of Easters past. I love coloring eggs, and have never not done it until this year. Last year you can look at the post and see that I did it by myself. The eggs were so pretty. But there are no kids anymore, and it just doesn't make sense. I may do it anyway. We'll see. I do enjoy them.

We drove to Newberg to see the monk last night, took the motorcycle. It was a beautiful night and a great ride and the monk is good but getting very old. I like to see him during holy week because he calls it that, and it is that for him. He says it like it is a busy part of his work week, as though there is increased pressure to be holy as part of his job description. I'm sure there is alot to do with all the visitors to the monasatery and all that. When he sees us, he blinks his eyes and says, "wow" like we are a vision. He thinks K looks like a movie star. So do I.


Anonymous said...

wow. three bucks.

Cai said...

Good post.