Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This should be good. Me, providing clarification. L wanted to know about Anne Lamott's comments on whether or not to write about the living. What I recall.... is that she talked about people seeing themselves so differently that if you created a character, a real bastard, based almost verbatim on some asshole you know, they would read the book, walk up to you and tell you what a good book it was and what a bastard the bad guy was and how the hell did you ever think that up??????? She had actually had that experience and was all neurotic about seeing some woman she had written about and when she did -- nada.

But L, if you write about me, I'll know.

For me, I just won't write crap about my son or my husband. All the rest of you are fair game. And it isn't that there is nothing to write. OH! Believe me. But I gave birth to one and am hopelessly and legally devoted to the other, so am not quite ready to cut my throat. Shit, my kid doesn't call me on mother's day and I still won't write smack about him. Maybe I just did.

It is sunny. We went for my first bike ride, and will walk later. Survivor ended sunday night, so that leaves an evening free. I don't like to be tied to TV when it gets warm out. I'm grateful for the tube during the winter, but I'm ready to be outside. I am still mad that YauMan didn't win it though. He was the best contestant ever. Ask anyone who watched it. Ask me.


Anonymous said...

now i may just have to try that! but not really; of course you would know.

Anonymous said...

now I am wondering if you know you took your comments option off your posts? leather post has none.