Thursday, May 24, 2007


The first day out of winter clothing, the first non-black day, feels like full frontal nudity to me. I have on a perfectly respectable blue sundress, but feel fat, white and naked -- in that order. I am.

I just purchased a pheasant berry, or, himalayan honeysuckle plant. I'm not sure what it is going to do, but the fruit is splendid looking, a tiny, burgundy, hop-like flower that hangs pendant-like beneath broad leaves and is just as nice dried. I'll get it in a pot today. Not sure if it will take over, so am not going to put it directly into the ground. Not enough space to lose.

I don't have to go back to work until Wednesday, and I am sitting at home, day one, trying to adjust to the fact that I can enjoy myself, if I only will. Inertia rules. I have been downtown today, shopping my little heart out, until I had to go to a noon dental cleaning. Whee. Audrey, the hygenist, a tiny little asian thing, said she has a serious cellulite problem and an old woman's body. Cleaning teeth is a job for someone with OCD and I believe she is well-employed. My teeth are clean.

Tomorrow morning, we head for parts South.

We hired a new nurse at work. A him. A male nurse. During the interview process he was asked what he does for fun. "I really enjoy power tools," he replied, humorless and intense. To get a little closer to the point, the interviewer asked, "What is your philosophy of life?" He said, without hesitation, "I follow the Ten Commandments and the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church." We were more or less speechless. One of those occasions when a light version of "alrighty then" would have been a perfect fit. So, he will be looking after my folks. And I will be looking after him. I guess the good news is that he will be anything but a slacker. And he'll work weekends. Of course he will. He will obey God and Country. He will obey. Its part of the Big 10.


Anonymous said...

alrighty then. well, he may not work Sundays.

msb said...

Say hi to the place of my days of yore. Have fun and be happy. Welcome back to the comments.