Thursday, May 31, 2007

'nuther day

Well, for those of you wondering whassup, we're not going to do the property thing. Turns out we're not wealthy after all. Lifestyles of the mediocre and obscure. That's us. Naw... we went to the bank and they would have loved to sell us a buttload of money, but we couldn't quite figure it out. There was so much on the line. And we could have crawled out on that limb, but back there would always be the things sawing away at it. In order, my reasons for supporting the decision not to go forward are:

Its too freakin' hot down there.
Our families are too freakin' close.
The ecoterrorists in the neighborhood freakin' annoy me. Seriously.

So, home we are and home we'll stay.

It did galvanize, momentarily anyway, the value of saving for retirement property.

So now you know... the rest of the story.


msb said...

galvanize. what a great word.

Anonymous said...

and now you don't have to recarve the spot for dear old dad...

asha said...

Portland's a great town. I'm glad you're not moving. We wouldn't be able to meet in the great little coffee shop down the street from your house anymore.

someone said...

I know. I'm relieved, to tell the truth, and why lie. I love it here.