Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Here I am with an hour to kill at a restaurant, having coffee, waiting for an eye appointment. I worked so long yesterday that I took some time to myself. Sue me. Fire me. Please. I had a headhunter call me looking for an administrator for another company. Nah. I think I'll hang out with the crazy people a while longer.

I really want some french fries. They have the best hand cut fries here. And if they are really hand cut, I'm impressed. It takes forever to cut good french fries. The best way to make fries: use unpeeled, cut, soaked in salty ice water, drained, fried, drained, and re-fried. Just in case you didn't know.

I will not have any french fries.

I am a week off sugar and feel pretty good. It is such poison for me. I am such an unbridled fan of poison. Almost any kind.

I hope the eye dr. doesn't tell me I need new glasses. I like my 12.99 Rite-Aid tortoise shell readers. They look right and I can lose pair after pair and still afford them. I have about 20 pairs of reading glasses. I keep three or four pair at bedside, three in my desk at work, one in my computer bag, two in my truck and two in my purse. This does not include the sunglasses. I don't use glass cases, so they are all trashed, and I can't be retrained at this point. So, PLEEEZ.... don't make me spend 400.00 on a pair of diamond cat-eye frames that I'll lose in 5 minutes just because I can't handle the pressure of ownership. I'll crack, I swear I will. Besides, with my attention span, it's like christmas every time I find a pair of the good ones I was sure I'd lost. For instance, I took my bike out for an airing the other day, and found my Blues Brothers sunglasses in the pouch. I was so happy. You can't find good Blues Brothers glasses anymore. They're too big or too little. Something.


Anonymous said...

off sugar for a week; what a stud.

asha said...

If I can keep track of a pair of glasses, ANYBODY can. ANYBODY. It's good practice for something...