Monday, June 11, 2007


I know I should be walking out the door to get to work, but I am busily searching for two things: my makeup mirror and the best price I can find on a scooter that will carry me uphill at about 35mph. I'm caving to gas prices and parking my truck on nice days. I hope I like driving it. I ride motorcycles regularly, on the back, but I only tried a 125 Yamaha one time and drove it into a tree. The learning curve seemed dangerous, even at 16, so I gave it up and hopped on the back of the first land-pirate's bike I saw.

But that's another story.

We are leaving mid-July for a two week road trip. We will head due East to the Bighorn mountains, then up through Montana and Idaho and into the Canadian Rockies. We have enough camping gear for 5 families, so sorting through it should be fodder for another yard sale next weekend. Be there!

My husband is the road trip kind... throw some shit in a sack and hit the trail. Me? Not really. I need to make lists and organize and shop. I need to know what I will be cooking for dinner under the vast Montana skies 6 days down the road as though there were no Safeways beyond the Portland city limits. So, I start early and pace myself so as not to be overwhelmed with last minute details like getting my hair bleached just that shade of road-kill blonde or where in the fuck is my black halter top? (Honey, you look fine) No, really, I need it. (You don't. You're fine. Let's go. You're a babe.) The truth is, I rarely change clothes once on the road. I am a good little traveller. I just like to shop in advance. Any excuse, you know.

I always think of JoAnne, who travelled around the world with one bag. One backpack. I've seen her house. She could never do that again.

We are going to rent a small pull-behind utility trailer for our gear so we don't have to unload the pickup every time we are going to sleep in the back. I don't really know how long we'll be gone. Hopefully back around the 20th to allow for some down-time before going back to work, which is where I should be going now.

So I go.


Anonymous said...

i found a catalog that sells just travel clothes, reversible skirts and coats, cool material that dries in 2-4 hours. i felt i needed it. just in case i take a trip. take one or not, i need that stuff. ryan got a veno scooter. he loves it. my coworker friend i walk with has one. it gets 98 miles to the gallon. it's the kind.

someone said...

cool. the vino is great looking. I'm getting a TNG.

Roy said...

I was thinking about getting a scooter, but I don't know much about them. Ultimately, I don't think they are safe enough where I live because car drivers are too aggressive. It's a shame, though. I use a gallon of gas a day going back and forth from work.

someone said...

I'm in a pretty bike friendly town. I'll stick to the little streets, wind through the neighborhoods to and from work. I use a gallon and a half a day for work. Now, I'll use just itsy bits of gas.