Monday, June 11, 2007

neighborhood on fire

The evening news came on, "breaking news, fire in electrical building 20th and SE Clinton." Oh boy.

So off we went, down the street 7 blocks to the 10 truck fire. It never actually burst into flames, which I was not-very-secretly waiting for. There was smoke rolling out from under the eaves and a hole hacked in the roof looked promising, but no go. They had gone inside and taken care of it.

Red's Electric is toast. Red's did our electrical, and we planned to use them again. Hope they'll be back.

To my husband's delight, I said, "Those electrical fires are harder to put out. "Its an electrical BUILDING," he answered smugly. "Not necessarily an electrical fire."

Oh. Fine. You're so smart.

It could have been.

The whole neighborhood was there. Now, SE is known for its personality, and there we all were, humans one and all, better attendance than the Rose Festival, waiting for the catastrophe.


L. said...

I can see the little smirk on his face when he says this. I'm glad he has fun with you. Some men might find it daunting, the smart woman thing, you know.

someone said...

I don't think he finds me all that bright, to tell you the truth.

L. said...

nuff sed.