Tuesday, September 25, 2007

reality tv

Well, I'll admit it right here: I watch Survivor. I always have. There was a time when I tried not to for a season -- I think it was the second one -- but I did end up watching, and have since. It was the first reality TV, unless you count COPS, which I don't, and won't. Or Road Rules, which I also don't. But could. But don't, still. I like to think I'm old school about reality TV, but I just don't think its been around long enough to have qualifying material. We don't exactly unplug the phone, but we aren't happy when the phone rings Thursday nights between 8:00 and 9:00.

Survivor was always about regular looking people with fairly regular jobs thrown together somewhat randomly -- although we all know some casting went into it -- and sink or swim, they hung in together on the island. Now we have the silicone babes, the overtly gay mormon boy, the black grave-digger/underwear model, the anorexic blonde, an old guy named Chicken, a christian radio hostess, and some other people I can't remember, but nearly all chosen for looks or wierdness. Nothing regular.

Now we have a new season. This is the first time it has been a blatant wet t-shirt contest. There has almost always been a decent looking male and female, and somebody strutting around in their next-to-nothings, but not like this. I am notnotnot against breasts or nudity, but I think it detracts from an otherwise great contest if human behavior. I know I know you'll tell me how shallow I am, and you'd be right. But I like to be tricked, entertained. I liked the game. I prefer subtle.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with ya; subtle is good. I don't watch survivor but have. I couldn't stand seeing people voted off.