Monday, September 03, 2007

ride interrupted

We took the motorcycle out for a long spin today, out to Mt. Hood and around the base of the mountain and back around into Portland. We only fell over once, and that wasn't bad. I remembered from times gone by to mind the tailpipes when scrambling out from under a falling motorcycle. No scooter, this one. It's big, and heavy, and the next time we pass a yard sale down a steep gravel driveway, I'm thinking we'll take a different tack. It was a helluvan entrance though. Stop drop and roll. And the yard sale wasn't even all that great. But it was real. It was their own crap. No complaints from me.

Had breakfast at the Black Rabbit out in Troutdale, at the Poorfarm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So in Oregon, people don't drive around IN mountains, but they drive AROUND mountains?

Missouri doesn't have mountains, but I guess we could drive around lakes or something.