Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I blogged for three and a half years without an audience. I just wanted a space to record stuff that would not be lost if my computer crashed, which it did from time to time back then.

Having some of you stop by from time to time is unnerving to me still, but I'm not against it. I never intended the blog to be a social thing, and I go through the human stuff about failure if there are no comments, but I'm not in therapy over it yet. I don't so much care what it looks like anymore, thus the canned template. For me, the jury isn't really in yet about linking to others. I just do what asha tells me to, as grand puppet master of blogland.

But the thing is, I write or I'm cranky. I'd like to say that where I write doesn't matter, but I have found, and blogged about my findings, that this venue is little more than a vent for good writing, is NOT real writing, and speaking for myself, certainly not my best. But just because it takes me hostage and requires time and attention like any other habit and I've had some, I cannot say it prevents me from writing. But it is true that I do not write, have not written anything of substance, since I started blogging.

And perhaps before.

Roy, I'd have posted this on your comment page, but didn't want to take up the room.


Anonymous said...

to me it's all real, and this yard piece, like so many others, should be published somewhere.

Roy said...

After writing what I did about blogging, I feel like I now know less than I did. I enjoy reading your blog; it's evocative and interesting. Your gift is what you notice.

msb said...

blogging is a new horizon. uncharted water. Hundred years ago people wrote letters. There is a degree in arts and letters. What does that mean? I always look forward to your beautiful blog. I don't mean to be impolite if I don't leave a comment, just unworthy.