Friday, July 17, 2009

600th post

Bluesky celebrates 600 posts since its inception in january of 2004. So, five and a half years, that's, let's see, about 110 posts per year on average.

What I can and do celebrate is doing something continuously, like keeping the same phone number or address. My 600th post is further evidence of stability, something I both seek and detest. I tolerate the absence of chaos like a skinless animal in hot sun. I know it is a nasty image, but this is how I'm feeling this morning. I see homeless people wandering my street and think they have it made. When I moved every six months or so-- no notice, outstanding bills-- life was so difficult, but I knew what to do. I knew how to do poverty with flourish. But this nice life? Ah, retrospection. Everything looks better in the rearview mirror. Remember those station wagons with the seat facing backward? I liked sitting there.


asia said...

congratulations! we'll see you tomorrow, right?

Anonymous said...

being more and more an avid fan of minimalism, this is one of my favorite ever of your posts. congrats indeed.

msb said...

an honor and a privilege to add my humble bravo to 600. it's da shit, sista. :+)

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