Friday, July 03, 2009


Why is it, on the hottest day of the year when my husband is in Alaska, the AC breaks down? Why? AC is entirely too important to me. I don't think I'll die of the heat like Sid almost did in the back of my car in southern oregon last week. Not really, but he was pretty hot and mad at me the rest of the way home. I thought I'd killed him, but turns out he had eated a bunch of dry grass when hanging out on the Applegate and it had failed to make it through the pipe and he finally puked it up two days later, a bale of straw on my living room rug. I'm saving it for Kurt, for when he gets back from Alaska with two halibut and a 48 lb king salmon. Whoopee!

It was my honest intention to stay home tomorrow, on the Fourth of July, to be cool. I hate being hot--me with the vitamin D deficiency. So, invited as most people are to various picnics and potlucks, now I don't know what to do. I guess I'll have to find coolness elsewhere.

So, I'm bring salad wherever I go because I have to use up my lettuce which is taking over everything, although I can't really figure out if the spinach is working out right or not. As I've mentioned, the spinach knows what to do. I picked my first two zuchinni today, and will use it in a marinara-based ragu of hot sausage, peppers, purple onion, italian green beans and my little zuchinni. I will bring left overs and salad wherever I go.

Because I am an urban gardener, I am going to set up a vegetable stand for people walking by. Colleen Russell, an old spiritual advisor of mine, used to have a can for money and an on-your-honor policy which I don't think would do as well here as it did in Talent, Oregon. But who's to say. I don't really care (theme) and will have an abundance of food, so am happy to contribute to the wellbeing of my neighbors and passers by. I will paint a small table in cheerful Mexican colors leftover from my garret and put out a can with a $? on it and see what happens. I don't picture it filling up.

I need to confess that yesterday I at two pounds of cherries and I feel like the church lady in The Witches of Eastwick. I may die.


asha said...

Shit, don't die! Live, if nothing else, for the cause of urban gardening. Very cool you have an honor table. I love that.

Nobody invites us anywhere. We are sitting at home today, suffering the heat with the blinds drawn. Probably Sarah Palin is doing the same thing right now but suffering with a different heat, one of her own making. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I ate maybe 20 cherries yesterday and realized again i can't handle cherries. they were great. wish I lived down the street for that stand. sorry about the air conditioning, I've left mine off half the day but we have lots of shade here. (I mean I do, I am the only one who lives here.) Happy fourth.

someone said...

asha: you could come with me to the bbq. Lee too.

L: ha! that emtpy nest thing is a mindbender, eh?

Anonymous said...

mind bent.

asha said...

I'd love to. Or we could go have coffee down at the corner. We'll be back soon. Then let's.

msb said...

2 lb's of cherry's. Yes I know 2 lb's of cherry's They all come out in the end.

someone said...

msb: funny!