Sunday, February 22, 2004

Bailey's New Family

I forgot to mention that the dog is living up north now. Been there a week today. It was a slow adjustment, relatively speaking. He has issues. Turns out he won't eat in the house, but must be fed outside. We learned that after a three day hunger strike. He is calm and quiet, a departure from pitbull mania. He is Lassie, for god's sake. You got somebody in the well? He's your man... Otherwise, he's furniture. Carpet. Kurt thinks his nose makes a great sock holder when getting dressed in the morning. Bailey is happy to help. Happy may be an overstatement. He's adjusting, I'm told. He gets to go for rides in the canopied pickup, which is more than he got from me. I am the original bad pet owner. They walk him several times a day, and of course, everyone in the neighborhood loves him. Good boy. I'm right behind you.

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