Thursday, February 12, 2004


the things i've learned this year: 1. what i think bears little relationship to reality. 2. a beautiful sanctuary is hollow compared to loving another human being. 3. don't look away; don't blink; don't flinch. 4. information gathered in isolation has little use when other people are in the room. So, all in all, its been a pretty good year.

Bailey is moving to Portland tomorrow. I will follow him shortly. He's been to the groomers, shed 50 pounds of hair, and will ride in the back of my truck without complaint, i hope. Unless it rains, which, if Scott the rain guy is right, it will. In that case, it will be me and him in the front. I should get a sheet out now to cover the seat or Lassie hair will coat everything. I was going to load the pickup with some stuff, but couldn't get it together.

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