Friday, February 27, 2004


I hate it that this blog turns out to be about Subway half the time. I'm sorry. But today, I was in line for breakfast. The new place I work isn't far from a Subway, and it isn't that I love the food, it's that I'm cheap, and it's easy. Or I'm cheap and easy. You decide. Anyway, it was slow, Subway being a lunch place most of the time. Who thinks of Subway breakfast. Well, I do. So I'm in line, and I'm walking this Subwaif through my many choices (I'm developing a taste for jalapenos, by the way...) And in the end, she begins to do what they always do, which is to dump the ingredients in the middle of the wrap and wad the wrap around it, rather than organizing the filling in a strip down the middle and rolling it like a burrito, which it sort of is. So I think, hell, it's slow, I'm taking a chance. So I tell her that from my point of view, its easier to eat a long narrow thing than a wad of filling wrapped in something like a gathered evening bag made of oat flour, or whatever low carb ingredients they use. It took her a few tries before she understood, and it was hard for her. She was very uncomfortable letting me get a way with something that was open on one end. I assured her I could manage it and drive and talk on the cell phone and put on make up. My dream is she will tell her coworkers and the word will spread like wild fire, franchise to franchise, until uniformity reigns.

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